teacher & VEndor application

Please review what are the qualities we are needing at our HIGH VIBRATIONAL festival!  Write up the answers to the following in your message to us.  This is what we look for in a yoga teacher or workshop presenter: 

1. Ability to Connect

Every great yoga teacher will touch the heart of their students in some way. How do you touch the hearts of others? 

2. Presence

At a festival the most successful teachers must command the attention of the students. What methods do you use to teach others?  

3. Energy and Personality

We need teachers and presenters energy to be focused, calm, centered, and enthusiastic. Describe your aura or energy that is available to share?  

4. Preparation

What is your plan for your class or workshop?  Please write down a name for the class, a theme, what style, the outline of the class, a playlist you that may associate with it and what the students take away.  

5. Personalization

Do you have the ability to cater to both beginners and advanced students at the same time. How do you do this?

8. Love of Yoga & Plant based lifestyle 

You can always spot the teacher who loves what they do. Yoga aims to improve the mind, body, and spirit. When the yoga teacher loves what they do, that feeling is transferred into the students as well.  How do you live the yoga lifestyle off the mat?  

9. Attention to Detail

A great yoga teacher will watch their students, making sure no one is going to get injured and that everything is executed properly. A certified yoga instructor who focuses more on their students will have happier students. Where did you get your training and what has been your ongoing training?  



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